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One patient's husband took a video during the procedure, and he says that it's better than a testimonial. 
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I would refer any of my friends to Dr. Cheng. She was not only delightful but did an excellent job treating an unsightly vein that bothered me. I am so glad that I went to her and got it fixed.  And the cost was very reasonable. I am a RN and had no reluctance with this doctor treating me.  Would highly recommend her.
Courtney B
Racho Santa Fe, CA

   I am very happy to provide extremely positive feedback regarding my visit to Dr. Cheng.  She is completely personable and professional.  She spent a great deal of time with me, to determine my goals for vein procedure were realistic.  I told her I understood how it all worked from her website, and I was aware that bruising would occur as the affected veins were dissolved by my body after treatment.  That's why I went in January!!
   I found the procedure relatively painless.  I mean, it is a very thin needle to inject the foam into the offending veins, so I did feel it, but it was less painful than any flu shot.  Reminded me way more of my botox shots ;)  And less painful than any laser hair removal.
   You can compare my experience to other sites that have far more reviews for this thoughtful and experience doctor.  I would recommend you do so.  It just does not seem to be the kind of treatment many others have had. has many reviews to supplement mine here.
   The treatment was very effective for me, and the cost was very reasonable.  I recommend giving them a call, asking all the questions you like, and visit for yourself.  I know I am so excited to know that my veins will be gone by summer.  Now my 46-year-old trim and healthy body can glow by the pool, at the beach, without the embarrassment of what is just a hereditary issue.  
    For Pete's sake, don't tolerate your itchy ugly varicose veins.  Go get 'em done.
Marsha W
San Diego, CA

I like this place and Dr. Cheng.  She is very bright and personable and an expert in her profession.  She has eradicated my vericose veins (on my leg) and so far so good.  I am happy with her services and would recommend her to friends.  Her prices are fair from the research that I have done.
Ted H
Cardiff, CA

I have been to Dr. Cheng for my spider veins several times throughout the last few years.  I have recommended her to many of my friends.  She is easy to talk to and I am very happy with the results.  I have also had my hands done and they look a lot younger.   I have been to numerous other doctors (dermatologists and vascular surgeons) for spider vein treatment and Dr. Cheng is the best of them all !
Onnicha S
Escondido, CA.

   I agree wholeheartedly with Marsha W's review.  I found Dr. Cheng to be extremely skilled and adept at ridding me of my ugly looking leg veins.
   At my first consultation, I had a lot of questions (because I had been to a few other similar places and knew what to ask).  Dr. Cheng patiently answered all of them, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she would do all the procedures.  At other places, nurses do the procedures.  Dr. Cheng said she has personally done over 1,000 cases.  Since she went to Harvard, UCSD, & UCSF, I did not hesitate to book my appointment with her.  The injections didn't hurt and my legs look GREAT.  
   At a follow-up appointment to check on my legs, I asked Dr. Cheng if she would consider giving me Botox injections.  She said she could, but chooses not to because she wants to specialize only on vein issues.  I respect that about her.  In addition, she gave me some advice that I will follow so I can hold off on Botox for now. 
   I want to write this review because it is unfortunate that some people posted some negative things.  I asked Dr. Cheng about them, but she has no idea who posted them and doesn't feel that she should respond to them.  Well, as a very satisfied patient, I wanted to respond by posting this review.  
    I can honestly say that more doctors should treat their patients the way that Dr. Cheng treated me.  I have referred both my parents to see her.  Dr. Cheng gave me some advice to give to my daughter so that she won't get varicose veins.  However, if my daughter develops them, I know where she should go.  Please do check Dr. Cheng's ratings on MD review sites like and  After you do that, call her office to set up an appointment and get rid of those veins you've had for so long.  I am so glad I did!
Katie T
Encinitas, CA

Dr. Van Cheng had a great rapport with me. She explained everything very thoroughly and encouraged questions!! She worked on some veins in my legs which were visible and which were making me self conscious. The results were amazing. There are no signs of any unsightly veins now. I would highly recommend Dr. Cheng.
Gillian K
Long Beach, CA

I went with my mother to see Dr. Cheng and we were both very happy with her services. She is very professional, smart, and both my mother and I were very happy with the results of her procedure.
Mary F
Encinitas, CA

I liked Dr. Cheng the moment I met her.  She was friendly while being professional and attentive.  She explained my procedure and what I could expect with the treatment of my vein issues. My 2 appointments took less than an hour and I have seen the results that she told me in detail, that I could expect to see between visits.  I highly recommend Dr. Cheng to anyone who is looking for vein treatment.  Her professionalism and caring nature helped me to ultimately decide to choose her as my Doctor.  I am extremely pleased with my office visits and results!
Leigh T
Solana Beach, CA

After extensive research of vascular physicians, I found Dr. Cheng and was immediately impressed with her qualifications as well as her treatment philosophy. I am so grateful now that I took the time to find her and did not settle for someone else. After just one treatment session, the aching pain that I had been experiencing for months disappeared within one week! I am absolutely thrilled not to feel the pain that had actually interrupted my sleep at times and am happy to see the veins that had been a self-conscious concern, disappearing more and more every day.

Dr. Cheng listened patiently and addressed all of my questions and concerns in detail. She spent considerable time going over every aspect of my treatment and potential outcomes, which unfortunately had not been my experience with a previous physician in the same field - I was so pleased that Dr. Cheng never made me feel as if she was rushed and my questions unwelcome.

Dr. Cheng inspires confidence and trust in her ability, which is why I travel from Los Angeles, where there are many treatment options, to San Diego just to go to her, as I firmly believe that Dr. Cheng is the best physician available in her area of expertise! Thank you, Dr. Cheng!

Amber T.

San Diego, CA



 Really liked Dr. Cheng.  I had some cosmetic work done on some leg veins.  Painless and effective.  Just took a couple of treatments.

Janet W

Escondido, CA

Dr. Cheng took the time to get to know me, to understand my concerns and goals, and to educate me on my condition, the initial and ongoing treatment. She was warm, open, easy to communicate with, and set reasonable expectations. I am very satisfied with my results. I highly recommend her.

Mike Bosworth

Del Mar, CA



I was so impressed with Dr. Cheng’s interest in me and my concerns. I appreciated her thoroughness in evaluating my particular venous history. I felt comfortable and confident that I had found a specialist who was highly educated in her field and passionate about helping people like me with restless leg syndrome. I can say that the treatments were very effective in helping me sleep at night, thank you so much! I could not believe that my creepy crawly leg feelings are gone and the heaviness has subsided a lot. My veins are virtually nonexistent and for this I am so grateful. Dr. Cheng is beyond an amazing doctor. She is so energetic and passionate, and took the time to share so much information. Thank you again for treating me so respectfully.

Debra Summers

San Diego, CA